Mini Schooling Show and an Update

This past Sunday, Trainer C held a small schooling show for the Connecticut River Arabian Association at the farm. We were really not sure how many people were going to come, and in the end, only people on property were showing but it was a really good experience for all.

To start the day, in simple terms, Bently was pissed. He watched everyone else go out and then spent the whole morning screaming his displeasure at being left in. He eventually calmed down, but then Mikhai realized he was not being let out either and started the screaming back up again. I wasn’t too worried about his mental state until I took him out to lunge and he was a lunatic outside. Like spooking, running, snorting like the dragon he pretends to be.

Nicest warm up ever

Thankfully once I was on, he seemed to calm down a bit. Maybe it was all the cars parked around or that someone was walking their horse that got him, I wasn’t sure. We warmed up pretty soft and nice which I was very happy with. We ended up wandering around while waiting for our two classes because Bently is a pacer and he wouldn’t let me stop and breathe so we did laps.

The first class was rough. Bently wasn’t expecting the back door to be wide open with the ranger parked outside of it, and there were a lot more people on the rail then he was used to in that ring, so he spooked twice. Again, it didnt help he was alone either so it was one of those do the best we could.


We had some gorgeous moments when he did finally figure out he should ignore everything, but getting him to ignore it was a battle. And then he was all fired up and wouldn’t let the ring hands pin him. It took a combined effort from me and Trainer C to get the ribbon on his bridle. Once he realized it was victory lap time, he was all up and in a frame and reaching and oh so pretty.

The second class was infinitely better as I knew what to expect and I relaxed a lot more. We did break at the canter but my horse has very little stamina when it comes to cantering, which is a work in progress. He still was a little wary of everyone coming up to him but he relaxed a lot more. Victory lap was more subdued without the ribbon on his bridle. After he managed a short walk down to the pond because Brooks caught a fish and I wanted to see how big it was. Curiosity killed the cat I guess.

Swishy tail to show my anger at being ridden in the other scary corner- Bently

Overall, I am so proud of him. I went in with no expectation and prayers that I would not have a horse that would completely revert into saddle seat mode once he realized he was in a show ring. He had a few saddle seat moments in the second class but they were manageable. Trainer C and I are already planning an upgrade to a Pelham when we go into shows because he does get a bit bigger in the ring and our current snaffle is just too thin to get him to pay attention.


We still have some work to do, and Trainer C has said if he shows improvement in the next week we will sign him up for the May show.

He will be getting almost 5 days off from riding because I leave Saturday afternoon for the lovely state of Missouri (aka Misery) to visit my sister and brother in law. I’m hoping a few days off will do him good.

50 Days Remaining

As of today, we have 50 days left until our first official show. I’m so nervous for it, but for different reasons other then riding in a big rated show.

Bently is doing well, his back isnt dipping as much as it used to as hes getting used to carrying himself and he’s starting to understand that he needs to move forward.

We schooled some extensions and collections on Monday during my lesson with Trainer S, and while the trot looked good, he had very little stamina to do so at the canter. Canter extensions prompty were added to my homework list. The day before I had worked him in the outdoor for the first time ever. While it was fantastic quality for that footing, it was deeper then he was used to, so he worked harder in that footing which I thought was a good change up for him. I also have plans to work him over the small hill we have in back, but it’s still a little slippy and muddy so I’d rather not die trying to help him build more hind muscles.

Thursday’s lesson with Trainer C also went really well, did a lot of walk canter transitions as thats the most common way they ask for them in Arab classes. He did so well, and at the end she looked at me and went, “this has been one of your better lessons yet with him”, which was a major confidence booster as well as her comments of him coming along a lot faster then she had predicted. I’m trying him with spurs for our ride today, a very rounded pair unlike my pokey ones and hope that he won’t try to kill me like last time.

Forgot a birthday hat so a snapchat filter works!

Thursday was also his foal date! Bently is officially 13. However doing a lesson and having your sheath cleaned on your birthday isn’t how I would want to spend mine, but that’s how he spent his! He was really good for the cleaning, despite major snorting and wide eyes at the puddle, ing until we used a syringe to flush out his sheath, and then he had a mini heart attack and tried to jump forward on the cross ties. Apparently he hates puddles. Need to wok on that.

Speaking of working on things, he no longer walks off once you get on! I am so proud of that little achievement. It pissed me off so much that the moment your foot was in the stirrup off he went walking, leaving me struggling to swing over and sit. It’s a bad habit from when he was broke and no one ever fixed it. So take that bad habits! He still does this weird half step back and to the side thing while moving the block and stepping up on the block, but its already a lot better then before, and it doesn’t take me 5 minutes to mount up anymore.

With 50 days to go, it’s not as scary as before, but I am still very nervous for it. Right now I have a dead to my aid horse who we just barely have all our extension and collections on, but there’s always that chance when we hit the showring I’ll have a completely different horse. Fingers crossed I just have a more forward horse.