Socks, Socks and More Socks!

Okay so I love love love love fun socks. I collect fun socks, and the more elaborate the pattern the better. I own narwhal socks, sassy horse socks and so many more that have been lost to the pits of my laundry. Rest in peace brave ones, I will find you someday. That’s the other downside of my relationship with socks, I always lose the matching pair, so I live in mismatched socks.

Tall boot socks were a struggle to find fun patterns. They weren’t as outrageous or as fun as my normal socks. It was always just flowers, little plain designs or nothing so ramped up like I wanted. Then, I stumbled on Dreamers and Schemers. And let me tell you, they are the freakin best.

Dreamers and Schemers makes socks. And not just any riding socks, amazing fun socks. My first order consisted of a pair with “Buck Off” printed all over them, a pair with sharks, and a pair with little bombs with F’s in the middle. F Bombs, get it?

F-Bomb Socks

That’s what made me love their brand so much and made their socks worth every penny. Besides the fact that they have the best prints ever for their socks, their socks boast a comfy foot that cushions your toes and ankles from annoying boot rubs, they’re thin enough but still warm enough to function year-round, and they have some kick-ass designs.

Coffee Coma, very relatable

Besides making their own designs, they have an option for custom socks, and the company is fantastic with any order and helps out in every way they can. I honestly recommend these to everyone. They even support different organizations, like their Boob Socks, of which $5 dollars of the profit goes to breast cancer research.

They’re fun socks, and as a dressage rider, I always try to sneak fun under all the posh and poise dressage shows require. And who doesn’t want to look down and see little-flying pigs or dino dudes when they take their boots off?? I honestly strongly recommend this brand of socks as well as their company, they do amazing work.

A$$ Hat- my new favorite design