The StripHair

I recently purchased a StripHair grooming tool. I’ve known about this product since it came out, and always considered purchasing it, and also reviewing it next to more traditional products. It’s more on the expensive side for my taste, but thanks to an Amazon gift card for my birthday, I made the purchase. It came in the cutest packaging, and the most adorable box ever. Kudos to the company for cute packaging. My dad, of course, made stripper jokes the entire time I opened it.

When I brought it to the barn, I tried it out on Mr. Bently. Now he hasn’t really been shedding a lot, which I wonder if it’s due to the fact that he’s from upstate New York or if he just never grew a lot of hair for the winter. He was more interested in the smell if anything.

Can I eat it?????

After almost two weeks of use, I will be completely honest, I think it does a lot better than the other shedding tools I’ve tried. More dirt is coming out off of his coat, and he doesn’t seem to wiggle as much with it. I also don’t have to worry about hitting some of the bonnier parts of him with a blade, which he told me very quickly early on that was not his favorite part of our grooming routine. I’ve also gotten a lot of hair off of him in the time that I’ve been using it. The diamond sides on the StripHair have proved incredibly useful for getting rid of mud as mud season descends on us, as well as helping curry out sweat marks. I love that the smaller diamonds are useable on the legs and face, which work well in Bently’s habit of coming in with mud covered legs.

I’ve also done a few test runs on Logan, Trainer S’s very fluffy draft, who didn’t seem to care very much for it other than that it did not taste good. The diamonds helped a lot with all the mud he often comes in with, and I was covered in all the hair I pulled off of him. It definitely took a lot of hair off of him, he has a trace clip so there isn’t a ton of horse to de-shed but boy 90% of that hair is just off his butt and that’s after the first sweep through.

Logan’s Yak Hair on the floor

In my two weeks of having it, I really like the StripHair. It doubles as a quick curry comb too with the diamonds which I love using. I also tested it’s de-shedding abilities on my saddle pad last night and I got so much hair off the saddle pad it was ridiculous. I could have made a second mini horse out of the hair that came off of it.

I have yet to test out the bathing features of the StripHair, as its just starting to hit the 40s and 50s in the afternoons now. It’s already looking like it will make a good bathing tool because of how well it takes dirt off it, and I’ve used it as a sweat scraper already so I’m excited for the first bath of the season now.