My Dream Barn Design

So despite finishing school and suddenly having lots of time at my disposal, I still struggle to keep up with consistent posting, if no one figured that out yet. I have about 15 unfinished drafts sitting, and while deciding what to post next, I decided to make a fun post based on what my ideal barn would be like if I could build one. This whole post is based on the assumption that I have millions of dollars at my disposal and a large amount of land to build on.

Now realistically, the chances of me owning a barn like this are slim to none, unless I win the lottery or marry a European prince. If I ever own a barn, most likely it will be my own in my backyard with a simple 6 stall with a wash stall, run ins and a small outdoor. But if I could run a boarding facility, this is probably what it would look like.

Dream driveway right here

First off I think I would want the barn somewhere warm yet has all 4 seasons. I love riding in the snow, but I want it to be a short snow season. Some snow is okay, but I don’t need 6 feet of it yearly. So somewhere south on the East Coast within an hour of a beach, because no one can deprive me of my beach rides. Like North Carolina or Virginia, maybe even Maryland or Delaware. South Carolina is a bit too far I think. The only reason I don’t say Florida is because that’s hurricane zone and even though Massachusetts gets its fair share of hurricanes, I’m not ready to batten down the hatches that much. And Kentucky is too far inland for me too so thats out.

40 million dollar estate, and I’m suddently hoping to win the lottery

If it were ideal, I would absolutely love to run a breeding operation out of this place as well as a sports therapy operation. If no one figured it out yet but I love Arabian horses so that would be the main focus of the breeding and it would be all kept to a seperate 10 stall barn. The sports therapy half would probably consist of a building with treadmills, water treadmills, a swimming pool and state of the art therapies like shockwave or theraplates or well, you name it. This part is probably the half that would swing to the not plausible so I won’t go into those details.

The main barn would be a 40 stall barn seperated into two wings. It sounds like a lot, but I’d like a large barn to fill about 2/3 with boarders and the rest my own personal horses. Each stall would be equiped with an automatic waterer and a feed door as well as rings for ties in each stall and a collapsible saddle rack outside the stall. Blanket bars are also a must if winter is a consideration.

I think the only thing to change is make the walls higher between stalls

There would be one tack stall/wash stall with heated water on each side, as well as one tack up stall equiped with solariums and enough space to cross tie in the aisles if needed. I love the idea of solariums, and they are so beneficial to horses, especially during winter.

I am in love with some of the designer tack rooms that you see on pinterest, so there would be one large tack room with heating and plumbing in the center of the two wings with huge lockers and counter space with a sink. The tack room would also double as a lounge. The feed would be stored in a sectioned off area with large bins of different grain types as well as storage for grain and client grain if their horse required a specific type not provided.

Dream tack room. Dream barn
Fallon Taylors is Drool worthy

An outdoor is also a must. It has to be large enough for jumps to be set up but not fill the ring, and at least leave a section for a dressage ring to be set up in. I’ve been to enough farms where there is mixed diciplines and the two clash for space, so either having space in the outdoor for a full dressage arena or a grass arena would be amazing, as well as enough space in the outdoor for jumps. I think everyone should be able to practice what they need to, and if there is enough space then to do it.

Double H Farm in Ridgefield, CT - outdoor riding arena
Is this big enough?? Probs

A large indoor would also be necessary, with enought space to at least have jumps up and people work around it. I think having a 100×200 sized for the ability of having whatever I want. I think if it came down to having one or the other, I would like a covered outdoor with a solid cover. If it got too cold, maybe see if those wedding tent flaps you can roll down are an option. If the barn and indoor are are connected, that would be great, but I’d rather see just a covered walkway to the indoor.

Horse covered arena
Like so, or just make it a full walled in arena

I would also like to hope at this point, there is still enough land for large and small paddocks. I would want around 35-40 paddocks. At least one paddock per horse, and if any personal horses are boarded there for them to be pastured together to save space.

I think in the end, none of this is possible for me, but hey, a girl can dream right? Anyone else got dream horse barn lists a mile long?