Horses were my everything as a kid. Like most little girls, I begged my parents for riding lessons, and when I turned 5, my dreams came true. I started riding at a quarter horse farm, and until the age of 10, I was your average little girl who just came to the barn and rode. My parents threatened to take away lessons at that point as they saw no point in paying for a weekly pony ride. I took it very seriously, and that’s when my real love of horses began.

At ten years old, I started showing locally, just your average hunter under saddle classes. As I progressed, I spent more time at the barn, and did everything I could to learn. I ran wheelbarrows for the barn help, I tacked up lesson horses, I ran lunch hay, if something needed to be done, I was off like a rocket. I fell in love with dressage around the age of 13. It was structured, I was by myself, and the only suprises were if something spooked the horse. As I progressed, I did different camps from your average horse camp, to a vetrinary science camp and later on, a college level camp that taught me how to jump, and introduced me to equine sports therapy.

As a kid, I always knew I wanted to work with horses. Growing up, I found the equine business seemed very narrowly focused on veterinary work, training or breeding, and selling equipment. I felt a little hopeless that following that dream was even going to be possible until I discovered equine sports therapy at that camp. It’s taken me 4 years to get to that point, but I’m finally following my dream and working towards becoming certified.

Now, I spend all my free time at an Arabian barn with my trainers and instructors, Sue and Caroline, working on upping my dressage game and venturing into the world of rated shows and Arabians, as well as pursuing a college degree in marketing.