Horze Review

Recently, to my major disappointment, I realized I no longer fit Smartpak’s brand of Piper breeches. They were my go to breeches under $100 and sometimes I could get lucky and find some in their clearance rack at their store. Then they changed something, either the fabric or the fit. Anyays they just don’t fit right anymore. It was annoying as I finally had accumulated enough that I was satisfied with my collection, all of a sudden to realize they all just didn’t fit right in some way. There is something wrong with the fit in the crotch, and they rarely stayed up, despite constant attempts with belts and side reins that one time I forgot a belt.

I decided it was time to look into new breeches, and decided to give Horze a go. Some people who I knew rode in them and my current favorite whip with a gel grip is made by them, so I thought why the heck not. And boy was I lucky.

Just as a minor note, I am a typical size 30 in breeches, but in this brand, it is possible I am a 28 as the legs are a bit long but I am still hesitant to order a 28 and have it not fit in the waist and crotch.

Horze provides a wide range of reasonably priced breeches with different fits and styles. Their main focus seems to be silicone based knee patches and full seats, and while they do provide some leather options, those tend to be the more expensive pants. When in my search for new breeches, I was recommended the Leah Tights and Grand Prix breeches. I had heard their Grand Prix breeches were amazing but wasn’t ready to drop $130 on a brand I’d never worn before. I also did try tights from Smartpak last summer and was not very impressed. I’m the kind of girl who likes to have the option for a belt.

At the time of my search, their Diana High Waisted Breeches was on sale, and I had seen good reviews of it. The pant is a silicone print full seat with a high waist that comes in burgundy, black and a dark navy. The high waist is what really got me to try the breeches.

Image result for Diana High Waisted Full Seat Breeches
Diana High Waisted Breeches in Burgundy

The only thing I found wrong with these pants is the pockets, which I am starting to get used to not having back pockets. Otherwise, they fit perfectly, stay up, and are all around incredibly comfortable. This pair of breeches does gather dust a bit easily in my opinion, it may just be the fabric, but that isn’t a big factor for me.

Another side note for this brand of silicon breeches, except for the active silicon grip, the first time wearing them, the silicone will stick to you and it always leaves imprints of the silicone on my saddle. Both issues go away with more use and washing, and the saddle has been fine since then. I only see imprints in the leather when it’s hot or I ride a long time.

When it came time to order white breeches for show season, I decided to give Horze another go, and ordered their Active Silcone Grip in white. This is their cheaper pair of breeches at $60 dollars, and I think it is well worth the money. One of the other women who I recomended them to at my barn ended up buying a pair of these and is in absolute love with them. I also ended up ordering a second different pair breeches last minute, the Daniela Full Seat Breeches. It mirrored the same features as the Diana and its spring alternative, but without the major price tag and it came in white.

Because my lower body somehow perfectly fit the breeches, I’ve given the tops a go too. I ended up with two Blaire Short Sleeved Functional Show shirts from them that come with vented sleeves. I sweat a lot no matter what once its over 50 degrees, and always having vents is great for me. Plus they look so good that they would be perfect for work, which is a win win for me.

Image result for Blaire Short Sleeve Functional Show Shirt
Blaire Short Sleeved Functional Show Shirt

Overall, I highly recommend Horze for their pricing, their fit and their quality. I have yet to have an issue with fit, sizing, customer service and shipping. When my current spending freeze is over, I will most definitely be investing in some more breeches for the summer.

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