Flies, Fresh Grass and Opportunities

Thursday was the day I was finally back from Missouri. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister and going somewhere where it was over 65 for a few days was amazing. But while I was gone, Bently seemed to have forgotten everything.

Unaware of the bootcamp ahead

I guess on Wednesday, he ran himself into a major sweat trying to get away from flies. I was grateful I was smart enough to order flyspray on Tuesday so I had a bottle to bring Thursday. It has already been decided that he will now come in at 10 instead of 12 to save him from the black flies. If he still is going absolutely nuts over flies, he will move up to the green barn with an in-and-out so he can walk away from them. I feel bad for him because he’s not used to flies this early, or this bad. Upstate New York seems like the life for horses, minus being in the middle of nowhere.

Getting back on him on Thursday, he promptly forgot all the long and low work we had been working on for the past 2-3 months. I had a jittery, short stepping, head in the freaking clouds horse for about 10 minutes of our ride. He went above the bit, brought his head back all the way up, and did not want anything to do with my hands. Thankfully as we warmed up, his little brain started to click and he remembered long and low. We had some fantastic canter work and the trot work felt really good.

Uh lady, we did 5 days of none of this, what the heck is this saddle doing here

Friday was my weekly lesson with Trainer C. We decided to start riding him in a pelham, but because it’s been too long since I’ve ridden in one, and we’re in that weird volatile stage where a simple mistake can mess it up so quickly, the pelham is Trainer C Lesson Only. Also, I literally cannot remember how to do double reins, like at all. I spent half my lesson trying to figure out how to ride in double reins again and kept dropping them. He was absolutely fantastic. Both Trainer C and I were worried that once he went in the pelham, he would revert to saddle seat with a curb bit. I had a long and low horse and a horse in a frame the entire ride, with a few moments of head and neck in the air while he got used to it. This kid has come so far already, it will be interesting to see what the next few months bring. We’ve just gotta keep working at canter stamina, traveling straight and not losing his mind. Its only three things, right?

Bently.exe has stopped working due to exhaustion

It’s also been decided that Bently is going to go show in May! It had been a back and forth because of some different reasons, but Trainer C approved it! We were a little worried because he needed maybe another 50 pounds to be perfect, but its to the point where its not a big deal as he’s gaining steady weight.

An Improvement! Bad angle too but fresh grass is too important

Because Bently is now officially showing, the topic of classes came up. Trainer C reminded me of a new group of classes called Opportunity Classes. It’s aimed at riders with school horses to get them into showing and give them a chance to ride in a rated setting without the pressure of some of the other classes. It also is a lower stall fee by almost 75$, and classes are half off, which I am all over. It gives us a chance to let me get used to riding in a large ring in a large setting while also giving Bently a bit more wiggle room to make a mistake. In a sport horse class, they’ll take points away from me if I can’t get the extensions and collections, but in opportunity, I won’t get dinged so hard pointwise if it’s not perfect. It gives us more time to get those perfect extensions for the next show if I want, or just stay in Opportunity for the whole season.

It really seems like the perfect option for us right now, just to get Bently where he needs to be. The only downside is we might have to go in hunter attire. The show manager did say we could go in sport horse, but there is nothing in the official rules, so we’re going to play it safe and bring hunt attire juuuust in case. I had a pretty hunt saddle and matching hunt bridle lying around, currently useless so, not that big of a problem on that front. And we can pull together a dickie, a hunt coat, and tan pants up pretty fast so I think we’re all good.

“I gib you kisses, even though you kick my butt”

Also one week until my first hands-on massage class. I am so nervous because I feel like I don’t know enough, despite constantly studying. I feel like I’ve rambled about it over 100 times, but I just don’t know what to expect. I learn so much via touch and interaction, that just trying to teach myself off words and pictures are so hard. Either way, next week is insane. Massage, Avengers Endgame, Game of Thrones, too much is going on next week. Who decided that anyway?

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