Rated Bills

Out of all three siblings (including the in-law), I have the most expensive sport. Who knew buying a sheet to cover a four legged animal could cost upwards of $200 dollars? Not little 5 year old me.

This year is the first year I will be riding in rated shows. Like ever. I’m accomplishing little 10 year old Anna’s dreams of showing in a big ring, but in a more cost effective way. Like not doing main ring hunter jumpers down in Ocala for one.

First show, look how tiny!

Before I continue, I want to say I am incredibly lucky to be able to work with horses and afford to ride them. My parents help out with some of my bills, for the past 15 years they have paid for parts of my lessons, my leases, and some of my show fees. I have to give them so much credit for helping me out, and also not handing it to me freely. I had to prove I wanted it badly enough, and if that didn’t cover it, do chores, help out, you get the idea.

I like to say I’m cheap, but I’m cheap with impulse issues. There are some purchases I just say give it a good ole “f*&k it”, and hit place order, like a lot of my riding clothes and saddle pads. Showing in the Arab circuit, I am thankful that some corners get cut. But I still need to get a lot of new versions of items that I already have, because unlike small local shows, my apperance has to be up to a higher standard. AKA I will be judged on my clothing and attire so I need a whole new gear set up to not place last.

Thankfully, Trainer C saved my ass by letting me borrow one of her old jackets. But that really was the only thing I could avoid. Everything else, show shirt, white breeches, stock tie, new boots, etc had to be reinvested in. Also, how do these Grand Prix riders, especially the guys, go about without issues with underwear?! I mean I know they can spend the big bucks, but why is this such a problem? New underwear and a new sports bra prompty got added to my buy list after my white pants came in.

And of course because someone has expensive taste and needs, I needed a new show pad for Bently, which had to be a Back on Track pad, so I bought two brand new black ones. There went another $100, and brought my saddlepad collection up to 10 pads. Still too many, but I have my eyes on the new BoT saddle pads that just came out.

Doesn’t he look so good in all black?

Of course I still haven’t factored in all the other costs like trailering, hotel, stall fees, and class fees. That’s a whole different ball park that I will most likely be cringing at when it comes down to it. Luckily there are some fees that won’t be as large as they normally would due to me working off a lot of it, but it will still be interesting to see what the final costs will be. Probably incredibly higher then I originally anticipated so we’ll see when May 10th comes (which is only like 52 days left).

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