Operation Fatman Continues

Today is Day 16 in Operation Fatman! He himself is not pleased with this operation, but he’s currently lost all say in the matter.

The Fatman in question

Mikhai is doing really well, to say the least. 16 days in constant work, with only two days off because it was too freakin cold. Thanks Massa-twoshits. Not many updates on his end, besides the usual work work work work. We did swap him to an unbroken kimberwick, which is his usual show bit, but Trainer C is considering changing it again, so this is not a permanent change by the sounds of it. He got seen by the chiropractor too on Tuesday, with good results.

Mikhai is surprising me in the sense of he is a horse who got used to get his hocks injected every year since he was 5, and we are 16 days into without them injected. The breeders decided it was just what they should do, and Trainer C kept up with it, for fear he would go lame without it. Having 11 years of injections to your hocks must do something negative to a horse. But because they took last season off, he never got them done, so the last time he got done was 2017. Hopefully, we can make it through 2019 without them and see what happens.

Bently got seen by the chiro and the vet in the same day. My hope is that being seen by the chiro will help most of the problems and we can avoid the hock injections, but I highly doubt it. There is still a high chance his hocks will have to be done as well.

The chiro said he got really good releases out of Bently’s shoulders, something I had noticed before. The scary thing was, I watched him lift Bently’s back almost 3 full inches, right to where it should sit. He had a tabletop flat back like he should. We also checked saddle fit, thankfully my saddle still fits the best, but he did warn me it might not be forever as the muscles change and he starts to use his back more.

Trainer C is already planning his retraining regiment. Bently’s back is a lot better then one of her horses was when he was at his worst, so she has high hopes it is fully fixable. He’s on a break until Saturday, and then Trainer C is going to spend a few days working with him to get his back up. She has long ass legs and wears big spur to help him pick his barrel up. Once he’s at a place she’s comfortable with, I’ll get on and work with him but I think it will be mostly me and her for the time being. Once we get him to the right place maybe other lessons can ride, but they have to be good.

And I don’t mean that in a bad way, saying some of the lesson kids suck at riding, but it won’t take much to get him to revert back to sinking his back and such so it’s one of those pick and choose kind of lesson kids. One girl who rode him before his injections won’t be allowed to anymore, she keeps her hands so stiff and out, that it would make him revert in a split second. Trainer C isn’t even a fan of how she rides Hamlet, even with a german martingale she can’t get his head down.

On that note, I can’t wait till Bently starts to figure himself out. My goal is to work with him this year, I honestly am so in love with him, and he’s such a good boy who does try so hard. He would make the cutest sport horse/dressage horse ever so I’m hoping we can get him to start using himself.

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