DIY Dye Success!

AKA The Great Dye Job. Back in December, I decided that enough was enough. I had bought a second hand Jaguar dressage saddle, and it was in rough shape. After months of heming and hawing over having someone else dye the saddle, I said f#$% it, and bought the supplies myself, and took the saddle home to redye.

Now the before pictures are rough. Like super rough, “I had no idea how ugly my saddle was”, rough. There was a lot more dye loss on the seat then I originally saw, the skirt was pretty bad, the flaps were miserable, and the only okay spots were really the knee rolls. I mean, it was a used saddle. Shit happens.

the horror show

I ended up following the900facebookpony’s DIY tutorial pretty much to a T. Douse the afflicted leather in acetone, take a swig of your drink of choice, swipe on two to three coats of dye, and then two to three coats of Tan Kote. The only thing I didn’t do was apply Resolene. The Resolene is an acrylic sealant, and once you seal the leather pores, no more conditioning the leather for you.

I honestly am in love with the results. The saddle has gone from looking very second hand to looking directly off a website. The photos I took are right after I conditioned it, so it looks super shiny. However once the layer of conditioner soaked in, it became matte and sooo pretty.

look at that sexy beast

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been tons of dye transfer. The first time I rode in it, I stupidly wore grey full seats, so those got some dye transfer in the crotch and in the knees. I also had a line across the top of my thigh, not sure where that came from. The second ride was a lot better, I wore jeans and saw no dye transfer anywhere. Any dressage saddle gives some dye transfer at some point in its life, so I don’t see a big deal in a bit of transfer here and there. This saved me some major money in doing it myself, and it looks as good as if I had paid someone.

That being said, Trainer S has already told me she wants me to do her treeless over the summer so that will be another redye project to do this year.

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